Sludge Drying Systems

Untitled-29It is necessary to dewater the waste sludge coming out of both the biological wastewater treatment systems and the chemical treatment processes so much that it has to be composed of 90% solid matter according to the new legal regulations. Thermal sludge driers are utilized for this purpose.

Damp sludge, transferred from the entry silos to the drying unit, is dried with the thermal energy of the gas engine and the boiler, and rendered 90% solid matter. This process is carried out by drying the sludge in a confined environment with the heat fed directly or indirectly to the drier.

Untitled-30Solid matter rate of the sludge in the driers is increased greatly with low temperature and under low pressure. Sludge from the unit is then transferred to the exit silos without leakage, and prepared to be stored. There is a deodorizing unit to prevent any odor problem from occurring in both the entry and exit silos. You can ask our project contract team for help about disposing the sludge resulting from your wastewater treatment facility processes.