Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System (MBBR)

Moving bed biofilm reactor system is utilized together with thousands of special biomass carriers designed to create a vast surface area for biological magnification – it enlarges the surface area without increasing the total space that the biological waste water system takes. MBBR system could be utilized in existing facilities, and increases the capacity of the facility without an extra tank. The system removes BOD5, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and it could be put in use both in domestic and industrial waste water facilities. It is a cost advantageous solution for facilities to be installed due to its flexible structure.

b1                                   b2

      Biomass carrier filler materials                         Heart of the process, biomass carrier material

Technical specifications and benefits:

  • Affordable – low investment and operating costs compared to conventional practices
  • Less spacious
  • Flexible design – applicable for almost all activated sludge processes
  • Practical solution for increasing capacity
  • Stable operation – in case of toxicity or overflow biofilm is not wholly effected and the system recovers more quickly
  • Low sludge age and stable nitrification even in low temperatures


  • Waste water treatment facility capacity increase
  • Waste water treatment facility improvement applications (demand for a higher quality exit water)
  • Biological nutrient removal (BNR)