Deferrization and Demanganesation

untitle1Iron and manganese commonly found as dissolved in water cause a yellowish-brown turbidity. This results in unintended consequences especially in textile, leather, alimentation, paper, and plastic industry.

Iron and manganese filters designed in any flow rate desired eliminate iron and manganese that probably resides in the water with oxidation and filtration methods. The fact that no chemical is needed for the regeneration of the filtration mineral makes the system more economic than other methods.

Units that are controlled with fully automatic systems are designed either as polyethylene tank coated with fiberglass up to 35 m³/hour capacity or as galvanized tanks up to 200 m³/hour capacity.

Deferrization and demanganesation filters could be operated with special deferrization and demanganesation minerals or quartz sand. The most important feature of these filters is that they make deoxidized iron and manganese removal possible. The total iron and manganese levels, thus, could be decreased to rates very close to zero.