Cartridge and Bag Filters

Untitled-9These systems, also known as coarse particle filters, could be designed as multiple or single with automatic washing according to the needs of the companies.

This equipment with various diameter and size alternatives are generally used as particle strainers before the purification system. Our company provides any kind of filter bed and consumable material.

Cartridge, cellulose, polypropylene, membrane, ceramic cartridge, etc. filters are available in 5ʺ, 10ʺ, 20ʺ, 30ʺ, and 40ʺ sizes with ¾ʺ, ½ʺ, 1ʺ, 1 ¾ʺ, 1½ʺ, and 2ʺ diameters, and with capacities ranging from 0.1 micron to 200 micron.

Our company, presenting many prestigious brands of the industry, is ready to offer the best and most economic services with different model and varieties.

Please ask for the prices for the most economic options.