Conventional Systems

The waUntitled-24stewater of the industrial establishments, resulting from the manufacturing processes, should be treated within the admissible pollution limits. Since admissible pollution limits are dependent on the industrial field where the wastewater comes from, biological treatment facilities do not suffice alone to treat the industrial waters. In these cases, the wastewater must be chemically treated first before biological treatment.

Suggested solutions for the wastewater of textile, paper, metal, alimentation, industry, etc. are tested under laboratory conditions, and then applied after designing the most suitable treatment process. The chemical wastewater treatment facilities could be constructed from concrete or come as a part of portable units.

Chemical units are comprised of fast/slow mixing, plate clarifiers, sand filter, and backwash pool processes.

Our company provides various number of wastewater treatment facility equipment Untitled-25(wastewater and acid pumps, blowers, diffusers, dosing pumps, control systems).

Our company also manufactures and provides other mechanical elements of wastewater treatment facilities (mechanical grids, static and trommel screens, vertical and horizontal aerators, fixed and rotating scrapers, mixers, filter presses, oil retainers, and reaction tanks) in compliance with the technological norms.