Sludge Incineration Systems

This is the process of incinerating the waste in high temperature with oxygen. It results in thermal energy, inert gas, and cinder. The net energy output depends on the compound of the waste, humidity rate, and inert materials. Incineration could turn 65-80% of the organic matter into hot air, vapor, and hot water. Municipal solid waste is converted into clean and renewable energy by incinerating it in facilities specially designed for waste to energy conversion. These facilities are furnished with modern pollution prevention and emission decrease (cleaning) equipment.

Advantages of the incineration system:

  • It could be designed to operate constantly.
  • Thermal energy conversion for direct heating / power generation
  • Relatively quiet and odorless
  • Not much need for great tracts of land
  • It could be installed near residential areas to cut down transport costs.
  • Hygienic