Activated Carbon

Untitled-7Our carbon systems that feature multifunctional filter used in desorbing many polluting substances in water remains as one of the most efficient solutions in removing undesired taste, smell, and color, asbestos, pesticides, heavy metals, etc..

Activated carbon systems prevent any possible bacteriological pollution by absorbing many organic substances that could provide a habitat for bacteria. The efficiency to be obtained from this unit may vary according to the selected carbon mineral’s quality, equipment and automation of choice that will fulfill the requirements of the desired flow rate. Choosing the wrong option might result in many adverse outcomes. This could be low efficiency due to a miscalculation of the system capacity or an odor caused by accumulated organic substances due to incorrect installation of the automation. Consequently, system cleaning periods should be arranged properly according to the water quality during the installation as well as the system capacity, equipment quality tank diameter, and choice of valve during device selection.

Our devices are fully automated, and don’t requires any maintenance or personnel. As long as regular maintenance is carried out, they operate smoothly for years. Our equipment is designed according to your needs to obtain the highest level of profitability.

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