Reverse Osmosis

Untitled-13Reverse osmosis system, to put it simply, is the process of removing anions and cations from the water. Also utilized as an advanced filtration method, reverse osmosis units are high level water treatment units in which high technology means are put into use. The working principle of these units could be explained as the reverse functioning of the osmotic equilibrium in nature. Reverse osmosis system requires more pressure to reverse the osmotic equilibrium than the osmotic pressure. For this reason, high pressure pumps are used in osmosis systems. Water is purified by high pressure pumps pressurizing the water and feeding it to the membranes with 5 angstrom pores. Heavily concentrated water coming from the tailing pipeline is disposed through drainage.

Reverse osmosis systems, whose area of use grows larger every day, are used securely in various industrial fields and domestic practices. Especially because of the quality deterioration, pollution, and decrease of the natural spring water, many well-known companies carry out reverse osmosis process and then market and distribute the output drinking water.

Reverse osmosis systems, also used to obtain freshwater from sea water, give perfect results in recycling of wastewater or solutions of water and various liquids due to their special type of membranes.

Manufactured with the quality guarantee of our company, reverse osmosis systems are constructed in the most proper and economic manner by simulating the input water parameters and desired output water quality in computer environment with the help of the technical team and engineering staff.