A Message from the President

Machtech is a company of innovation, where we have gathered extensive engineering knowledge for 30 years in the areas of environment, water, and energy. Much of this power comes from piecing together the knowledge and experience that I have acquired while I was working at Tubitak, together with the knowledge that my partners have acquired in different disciplines. I have worked in a variety of applications such as the engine rooms of 400m long ships, to management of high technology combinations and different solution models, production process improvements. I was in charge the productivity growth of a 500-people plant as vice president in Komsa (ex-Teletaş).

Our foremost goal is to design special projects by investing with our own capital, while enriching our team with brilliant youth. We stayed connected with universities. There are many knowledgeable, smart, and hardworking youths coming through universities. Leading them and paving the way for them are the greatest strengths of this company. We owe our dynamism and innovativeness to this factor. While we are marching towards the future with steady steps using our own capital, our knowledge and experience, I want to express my profound thanks to my partners, my employees, and our corporate partners for their trust in Machtech.