Ultrafiltration Systems and Membranes

Untitled-35UF ultrafiltration modules act as a barrier with its membrane structure of 0.01 micron diameter pores against all bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms without any need for chemical material use. By rejecting all particles bigger than its pore diameter, it displays a perfect filtration performance in organic matter removal with a turbidity level lower than 0.1 NTU.

As is known, one of the most common methods of removing microbiological pollution from the drinking water is chlorination. Although this is an efficient method in removing microorganisms, it is still not %100 effective, and some organisms which can resist to disinfectants such as sporophyte microorganisms can only be removed with ultrafiltration Untitled-36-239x300membranes. This means that we can refine the water completely since the pore diameters of the membranes that we use in ultrafiltration systems are smaller than the diameter of these microorganisms. Moreover, it is a fact that organic matter and chlorine compounds in the water creates trihalomethane (THM) and that THMs have a toxic effect and cause irreversible health problems. In this regard, ultrafiltration not administering any additives in water, not leaving any residue behind, and not creating any undesired oxidative matters are all important advantages.

UF ultrafiltration modules, besides performing perfect filtration of surface water, enable feeding exit water from conventional biological and chemical treatment to reverse osmosis systems, take an important place in wastewater recycling projects, and utilized widely in pretreatment phase of seawater osmosis systems.

UF systems are also utilized successfully in seawater treatment, in alimentation industry and beverage processes, natural drinking water supply facilities, bacteria removal, indirect water disinfection, and many other special processes. They are also a vital point in special designs for recycling wastewater and in MBR (membrane bioreactor) based water recycling processes.

Use ultrafiltration to elevate the filtration precision processes to a perfect level. Please call us for heat and pollution tolerant special UF membranes.