Desalination – Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System

Untitled-16-300x216More than 90% of the water on Earth cannot be used directly as potable water because of the high rate of salt it contains.

To satisfy the increasing need for potable water due to low annual rainfall, negative climatic conditions, rapid urbanization, and industrialization, the technology that allows us to obtain potable water from sea water by elimination salt is given preference to in case where the necessary conditions develop.

Reverse osmosis technology ensures water treatment by pumping solutions under high pressure and removing salt and other pollutants.

The latest developments in reverse osmosis technology render obtaining potable water from sea water more efficient and profitable.

Purifying sea water with the reverse osmosis method is now easier and gives higher quality results at lower costs compared to distillation and other similar methods with recent technology. Our company has been closely observing and implementing reverse osmosis technology from the very beginning. Technical trainings given onsite by the membrane and technology manufacturers abroad helped the engineering team of our company carry our successful projects. For reverse osmosis and sea water reverse osmosis systems in heavily populated town and cities, our company can realize turnkey installations with the support of our partner firms.